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It is with great pleasure I get to tell you about the Arts program at Aspen Valley Middle School.  My name is Eric Simons and I am the Arts educator. I use the term “Arts” because my skills are not limited to the Fine Arts.  If I had to choose one word to describe myself it would be “eclectic”. My classes can include a blend of the Fine, Performing & Martial Arts as well as a heavy integration of the other academic disciplines.

I say “other” because Art is an academic discipline here at Aspen Valley: It utilizes Science, History, Math and Language Arts to create and express its intended purpose.  Art makes the various concepts of the other disciplines amazing and without them art as we know it would not exist.

Classes focus on the foundational elements of art and principles of design along with thematic units. I heavily support experimentation, exploration and inquiry in the class with emphasis on layering and processes. Reflection in the form of critique is another component of the class.

It is my intent in the class to build up their problem-solving aspects because I believe, in this age that is heavily inundated with information and electronic access to that information, that those who are well exercised at problem-solving and thinking outside the box will be the most desired in a competitive market.